Tecnifibre DNAMX String 1.25mm 16 Gauge (660ft Reel)

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Tecnifibre DNAMX String 1.25mm 16 Gauge (660ft Reel)


Tecnifibre`s  DNAMX is a brand new squash string designed to achieve more power and speed. By combining Elastyl fibres and PU HDX Inside, (Tecnifibre`s most reactive PU technology),  DNAMX allows players to increase the acceleration of the ball and reaction speed of their shots, resulting in greatly increased power. Tecnifibre's SPL2 Inside Technology, gives you maximum cut from the string bed and increases the strings overall agility. Together, these technologies ensure that DNMAX has the highest elasticity of any squash string currently on the market, giving you the advantage over your opponent.

Color: Black
Gauge: 16 / 1.25
Length: 660ft / 200m
Construction: 100% Elastyl fibers

OUR PRICE: $249.00

Brand: Tecnifibre