Demo Program


With all the choices in racquets these days, choosing a racquet may be an overwhelming process. We have demos of most in line squash racquets.

We offer expert advice on equipment. E-mail us at for equipment advice.

Our demo program allows you to try out up to 4 racquets of your choice for a period of one week.

The cost of this service is $29.95 for 2 racquets. $10 for each additional racquet. This charge includes shipping both ways. A prepaid return shipping label will be enclosed in the package.

We offer a 10% discount on squash racquets purchased within 14 days of completing the demo program.

Please e-mail us at and let us know which racquets you would like to try out. If all your choices are available, we will ship them out the same day.

You will have 7 days from the date of receipt to return them to any Fedex location. For example, replica watches if you receive the racquets on a Monday then you will have until the following Monday to return the racquets any Fedex location. A prepaid return label will be enclosed for your convenience.

A late fee of $2.50 per racquet/per day will be charged for racquets not returned on time.

If racquets are not returned to any Fedex location by the 14th day of receipt, your credit card will be charged for the price of each racquet.

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