Head Graphene XT Extreme 175

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Head Graphene XT Extreme 175


The GRAPHENE TOUCH EXTREME 175, the heaviest of the series, gives you the most swing weight, thus more power for your aggressive game. Just like its Extreme brothers, it features the new Graphene Touch technology, an evolution of Graphene XT, which provides you with incredible touch and a solid feel. Head has also lengthened the main strings by creating molded tubes in the throat of the racquet. These Power Channels™ create high throat stiffness for an incredible increase in raw power. The new ComforTech technology provides a softer overall feel and less vibrations to protect your arm. The optimized Delta Frame shape allows for the largest sweet spot maximizing the hitting zone, while the Power Stabilizer in the racquet's head guarantees stability so you can control the awesome power, even on off-center shots. The racquet features the new Adaptive String Pattern Technology (ASP), which allows you to customize your string pattern for power and string durability or extreme power and maximum feel. With its combination of more weight and enhanced maneuverability, the GRAPHENE TOUCH EXTREME 175 provides incredible power.

Graphene XT - We’ve re-engineered the application of the world’s strongest and lightest material to make our Graphene XT racquets 30% stronger allowing for even more extreme Distribution of weight.
ASP - With the new Adaptive String Pattern technology (ASP), players can have precision, durability and softer feel in one racquet. Specially designed inserts allow you to choose your string pattern every time you string.
Delta Frame - A new optimized frame shape with constant beam width allows for the largest sweet spot possible that is high on the string bed, and incredible power and feel.
Power Channels - This power technology is created through molded tubes in the throat, eliminating exterior string holes and the traditional grommet system.
Power Stabalizer - HEAD's patented twin tube construction is strategically placed in the head of the racquet to provide maximum stability. This ensures incredible power even on off-center shots.

Frame Weight: 175 Grams
Length: 22 Inches
String Pattern: ASP - 16/16, 12/16
String: MegaBlast 16
Headsize: 107 in.²
Beam: 21 mm
Balance: 270 mm
Grip: HydroSorb
Grip Size: SS - 3 5/8

OUR PRICE: $189.95

Brand: Head