NEW Head Graphene XT Radical 170

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NEW Head Graphene XT Radical 170


If you are all about power, then do not look further than the RADICAL 170. It is slightly heavier than the 160 version and comes more evenly balanced, which means that it packs a lot of power in an extremely maneuverable design. Just like the 160, it offers the latest technologies to ensure speed and power for the world's quickest racquet sport. It features the Inner Grommet System Technology (IGS2), which delivers optimal stiffness. It also provides you with a good feeling for how you hit each shot, so you can control your power even better. Thanks to the innovative Graphene Technology the weight of the racquet is where you need it for a faster game. We lengthened the main strings by creating molded tubes in the throat of the racquet. These Power Channels™ create maximum throat stiffness for an incredible increase in raw power. Power Stabilizers in the head enhance the racquet's stability. Also used by top pro players, the RADICAL 170 brings state-of-the-art power to the masses.

Graphene XT - We’ve re-engineered the application of the world’s strongest and lightest material to make our Graphene XT racquets 30% stronger allowing for even more extreme Distribution of weight.
IGS2 - The next generation of HEAD's revolutionary Inner Grommet System Technology, IGS2, eliminates exterior grommet holes delivering optimal stiffness, but with less weight.
Power Channels - This power technology is created through molded tubes in the throat, eliminating exterior string holes and the traditional grommet system.
Power Stabalizer - HEAD's patented twin tube construction is strategically placed in the head of the racquet to provide maximum stability. This ensures incredible power even on off-center shots.

Frame Weight: 170 Grams
Length: 22 Inches
String Pattern: ASP - 16/16, 12/16
Headsize: 106 in.²
Beam: 24/22/22.5 mm
Balance: 270 mm
Grip: HydroSorb
Grip Size: SS - 3 5/8

OUR PRICE: $219.95

Brand: Head