Saxon SX900 Indoor Men's Shoe (Black/Red)

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Saxon SX900 Indoor Men's Shoe (Black/Red)


Saxon shoes are Developed and Designed in Germany. They are made specifically for Indoor Racquet Sports. Research has identified that the highest moment of maximum force when playing Squash, Racquetball or Badminton coincides with the moment you play your shot. Therefore you need shoes with the best grip, control and support at this crucial moment. Saxon shoes are designed specifically to do just that. FEATURES: SAT-DAMPING (Shock-Absorbing-Technology) SAT damping cushion is located at the heel of the midsole, attenuates shock during impact much better than a normal attenuation EVA midsole. HI Q-MESH The Hi-Q Mesh is a lightweight, strong and breathable upper. It keeps the moisture away from the foot, offers ventilation and ensures a snug and personal fit. OUTSOLE A newly developed durable rubber compound DRC-X400 with excellent grip! The front-foot flex zones are anatomically optimized. Ideal for a number of indoor court sports. The de-sign of the outsole promises superior durabil-ity and supports the typical movements such as twists and turns. MIDSOLE The midsole is made of a lightweight polyu-rethane foaming-Lite EVA with long-term cushioning and optimal shock absorption. CROSS-STABILIZER The Cross-Stabilizer made out of Polyplast ensures the optimal support of the mid-foot. The graphite insert, which is located between the Lite EVA and the outsole, ad-ditionally stabilizes the midfoot. SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $130.00 OUR PRICE: $89.95

Brand: Saxon